Itachi Oversized Denim Jacket | Sacrifice

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The most unique piece of Itachi merch you will find.
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Anime Denim jacket representing what Itachi had to sacrifice trough his journey.

  • Classic light blue denim jacket, 100% cotton, Shirt collar, Metallic buttons
  • The word Sacrifice is written in kanji on the upper part of the back right over Itachi and the red moon. Filling up the back are Itachi's birds. Sasuke, Shisui, Itachi and Konoha's marked symbol are all printed on the front of the anime jacket

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  • Models Size :
    The male model is 5'7 and weight 160 lb. He is wearing medium.
    The female model is 5'1 and weight 106 lb. She is wearing small.
The most unique Itachi Jacket | ĀTO Anime Clothing